Analyst Gene Munster predicts that in 5 years Apple will be shipping 1 terabyte iPods for $500 each.  That means I'll be able to carry around a quarter-million songs in my pocket.  At the current iTunes rate of $.99 per song thats about a quarter million dollars worth of music.  Of course, we may be filling this up with episodes of Lost or video pod casts, nevertheless, it will be easy to carry a  substantial fraction of all available commercial music wherever you go.  Now, how is shuffle play going to work with that?


Hmmmm. ;-\ (sceptical face...)
I think, as you say, we would have to be filling up those terabytes with something other than songs. Holo-sense movies, perhaps?
I'm also reminded of the comment an old IBMer once made, tongue more or less holstered in cheek:
"If God had meant us to do distributed processing, he would have put brains in our wrists..." ;^)
I mean, for every advance in storage capacity, there will be some corresponding advance in network bandwidth... why would I want to take on management of 1Tb of data?
Incidentally, as far as managing your mp3 files is concerned, have you tried Musicminer? It's very 'beta', but a very interesting way of navigating large collections of tracks.

Posted by Robin Wilton on November 28, 2005 at 12:28 PM EST #

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