The notifications about which papers were accepted to this years ISMIR were emailed on Friday.  Of the 214 submissions received, 129 were accepted (34 as long papers, 28 as short papers and 67 as posters).  The list of accepted submissions are already on the ISMIR Programme site. Some of the papers  that I'm looking forward to reading are:

  •  A semantic space for music derived from social tags by Levy and Sandler - looks to be related to some of the work we've been doing here at Sun
  • The Quest for Ground Truth in Musical Artist Tagging in the Social Web Era by Geleijnse, Schedl and Knees - a nice title (a nod to  the oft cited music similarity ground truth paper), and a difficult topic.
  • Identifying words that are musically meaningful - Torres, Turnbull, Barrington, Lanckriet - I really enjoyed Doug's paper from last year - this paper looks to extend that work.
  • MusicSun: A New Approach to Artist Recommendation -  Pampalk, Goto - Elias and Masataka are well known for their music interfaces. And the paper has 'Sun' in the title.
  • Music Recommendation Mapping - Donaldson - Justin has done some really nice visualizations of the MyStrands data in the past - looking for more here.
  • Classifying Music Audio with Timbral and Chroma Features - Ellis - curious to hear what Dan has to say on this topic

In addition to the regular papers - there are 4 3-hour tutorials scheduled for the event:

  • Synchronization and matching techniques for music data, Müller and Dannenberg
  • Music Recommendation - Celma, Lamere
  • Introduction to the MIRToolbox  Lartillot
  • Techniques for implementing the generative theory of tonal music - Hirata, Tojo Hamanaka

I had 3 submissions accepted this year - the Music Recommendation tutorial with Oscar, a 2-pager demo paper describing some of the visualizations in SITM, and a poster that is describing some of the work that Doug, Thierry and I have been doing over the last 6 months on predicting social tags. 

I am really looking forward to the conference - the programme looks to be excellent and the venue in Vienna will be a great place to visit in September.


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