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Last night Elias and Gwen brought a gang of us to the Vienna Opera. For only 2 Euros, you can get a space in the gallery to stand and watch the opera. The gallery is the standing area behind the last seats on the top most balcony. It is an incredible value, since main house seats can cost 150 or 200 Euros. We watched about the first 45 minutes of the Barber of Seville. I really enjoyed the show - the singing and orchestra was amazing, the acoustics were excellent (no amplification), and the audience was well behaved. We left before the fat lady sang because we really only wanted a taste of the opera, and after standing for much of the day we were tired and wanted to sit. Elias and Gwen then brought us to a traditional underground Vienna restaurant, and then to a quite cool Vienna cafe. It was a great night of great conversations. Much thanks to Elias and Gwen for organizing the night out.

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