The program for ACM Recommender Systems 2007 has now been posted.  On the program are 16 longs papers, 14 short papers and 6 student doctoral submissions.  There are some really interesting looking papers:

  • Problems with people gaming your recommender? Try: Making Recommender Systems Provably Manipulation-Resistant Through Influence Limits 
  • Trouble with clustering users? Try: Supporting Social Recommendations with Activity-Balanced Clustering
  • Cold start problems? Try: Improving New User Recommendations with Rule-based Induction on Cold User Data

There are some Music-oriented papers as well:

  •  Towards Ensemble Learning for Hybrid Music Recommendation
  • Hybrid Social-Acoustic Recommendation System for Popular Music

 The keynote is being presented by Krishna Bharat of Google, the creator of Google news.



The hybrid social-acoustic paper looks particularly interesting

Posted by Jeremy on July 27, 2007 at 02:48 PM EDT #

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