Here's a nifty example of using the Java Speech API to control a lego mindstorm robot:

Lejos Speech control example

The JSGF speech grammar is pretty simple:

grammar rover;

public  = forwards {forwards} 
                 | backwards {backwards}
                 | back {backwards}
                 | reverse {backwards}
                 | stop {stop}
                 | left {left}
                 | right {right}
                 | up {up}
                 | down {down}
                 | whoa {stop}
                 | halt {stop}
                 | spin {left}
                 | go {forwards};

public  = Good bye {bye} | So long {bye} | Shut down {bye};


Yes, it's nifty! But perhaps you're also interested in the (more advanced) talking Mindstorms robots that we built with some students last year. You can find descriptions and pictures at Our robots also use a JSAPI-based recognition and synthesis system, together with a proprietary dialogue system.

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