DYLAN is the project name for an open packaging specification for digital music. We think the evidence is clear that the value of an audio file is rapidly fading away. We think that the audio file as only one component of the music experience. We look to develop and establish an open specification that will enhance the value of an audio file by contributing to a shared and personal music experience.

Bob Lefsetz said, "In order for music to sell in vast quantities for a long time, people have to BELIEVE in the act." We hope this specification will play a meaningful role in reconnecting fans with music artists and entertainers.

This is a project to build an OPEN specification for the betterment of the music industry, as such we welcome new partners and contributers to this project.

DYLAN is a project sponsored by Project Opus Technologies Inc, Simon Fraser University, and the Government of Canada. The participants also acknowledge the important non-financial support of Yahoo! Music, particularly Lucas Gonze and Ian Rogers, without whom this project could not have gotten off the ground. 

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