Starting in 1989 when my first child was born I stopped listening to new music. It was replaced by the likes of Raffi and Steve Blunt. I missed about 15 years of music (which gets a bit embarassing, such as when someone mentions 'beck' and I'd start talking about jeff beck, not even considering the notion that they'd be talking about another 'beck'). Now I'm trying to make up for this lost decade and a half. I've been trying to expand my musical horizons.

A little while ago, Simon Phipps pointed me toward Radio Paradise a streaming internet radio station. They have a great mix of new and old music. RP is like old time radio in that they have DJs that think about how songs fit together and flow smoothly between genres. Also, listeners can rate songs which affect the playlists. Here's the playlist for the last hour or so:

4:09 am - Yo La Tengo - Autumn Sweater
4:06 am - Blood Oranges - Bridges
4:02 am - Malcolm Holcombe - Goin' Home
3:59 am - Tom Waits - Long Way Home
3:54 am - The BoDeans - Good Things
3:51 am - Mazzy Star - Halah
3:46 am - Cranberries - When You're Gone
3:41 am - Zero 7 - Give It Away
3:37 am - REM - Try Not To Breathe
3:30 am - King Crimson - The Power To Believe II
3:25 am - Mark Knopfler - What It Is
3:20 am - Calexico - Quattro (World drifts in)
3:16 am - Santana - El Farol
It's all good stuff. I'm listening to artists that I've never heard before. If I hear something I really like I can click on the 'now playing' link and find out more about the artist (or buy the CD from Amazon). I'm starting to get an idea of what happened musically in the 90s, and what's going on today too.


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