Georgia Tech today launches the new Center for Music Technology with more than 20 researchers from the arts, sciences and engineering. Several interdisciplinary projects already in progress were demonstrated today at a launch event for potential collaborators.

There's lots of interesting things to see on at the GTCMT website, including ZooZBeat


Flou - (pronounced "flew") is not exactly a game; you do fly a ship through space, but you cannot shoot anything, score points, or win or lose. The focus, rather, is on the soundtrack: as you navigate through a 3D world and zoom through objects in space, you add loops and apply effects to an ever-evolving musical mix.


They are doing some interesting work around music and emotion: Statistical Learning and Expectation Evoked Emotion, Emotion in Raag, and Basic Auditory Cues for Emotion

A number of researchers from GTCMT have been active in the MIMR community including Parag Chordia, Mark Godfrey and Alex Rae. I particularly enjoyed their work presented at ISMIR this year around Content-based Recommendation - Hubs and Domain-specificity


Nicely done, gentleman.

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