Companies like Google have spent years fighting search engine optimizers that will try to inflate the search rankings in exchange for money. The next wave of this foolishness is upon us - recommender engine optimizers. Companies will take your money in exchange for inflating the playcounts for your tracks. For $747 a company called Tune Boom will increase the playcounts on your MySpace tracks by 300,000. The tuneboom pro site just reeks of sliminess:

More Plays Get You Attention. It's the Number One Factor To Get On The MySpace Charts! While Having Lots Of Friends On MySpace Is Important - It's Only Useful If You Have Targeted a REAL Fan Base - It's Proven That the Very First Information Looked At Are Your Song Plays! It ALL Starts With The Plays! *Important: Don't let fans come to your page and see 20, 30, or 50, plays! People like to be a part of something big and don't want to miss out. When they see a high song play count and see that your song plays are increasing, they will be more likely to click and listen to your music and become friends and fans.
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