Last week I caught a glimpse of the new book written by Meinard Müller,  called Information Retrieval for Music and Motion.  Meinard is a member of the Multimedia Signal Processing Group at Bonn University, working as a researcher and lecturer. Meinard has always been one of my favorite ISMIR speakers.  His work  on score alignment is particularly fascinating. 

The publisher of this new book, Springer-Verlag, describes it thus:

This monograph details concepts and algorithms for robust and efficient information retrieval by means of two different types of multimedia data: waveform-based music data and human motion data. It first examines several approaches in music information retrieval, in particular general strategies as well as efficient algorithms. The book then introduces a general and unified framework for motion analysis, retrieval, and classification, highlighting the design of suitable features, the notion of similarity used to compare data streams, and data organization. The detailed chapters at the beginning of each part give consideration to the interdisciplinary character of this field, covering information science, digital signal processing, audio engineering, musicology, and computer graphics.



Will you be converting your ISMIR presentation into a book I wonder? It seems like the perfect material for an introduction to the field.

Posted by Ian on October 04, 2007 at 08:17 PM EDT #

Meinard rocks!

Posted by luxas on October 05, 2007 at 03:19 AM EDT #

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