Over the last three years, in the Search Inside the Music project we've built a code base that we can use to explore, discover, visualize  and recommend music.  There's lots of music technology: signal processing, machine learning, data visualization, recommendation - and there's lots of software: Java, Python,  databases, servlets, GWT, Java3D.  We want to make this software available for the world to use and enjoy and so we are open sourcing the Search Inside the Music project.  Our goal is to turn our  research prototype into something that will be useful and interesting for an enthusiastic music fan or a music technologist. We are looking for a summer intern who can help us make this happen.

Some of the qualities of the ideal candidate:

  • Hardcore Java code slinger - we've got lots of code - Netbeans a plus
  • Passionate about music - we want someone who will want to use what they are building
  • Familiar with open source development techniques - remote repositories, Mercurial, distributed teams
  • Music technology a plus - if you know the difference between an FFT and an MFCC that'd be great
  • Experience with Recommender Systems a plus
  • Other tech that will help: 3D programming, data visualization, iTunes APIs,  Python, database, Social Web (tagging, social graph)

Make no mistake - we are looking for a good coder who is very comfortable dealing with a large code base. If this is something up your alley, respond to the job posting here. (Note that this job posting mentions Project Aura which is an umbrella project that includes the Search Inside the Music project).  Not only will this will be a fun way to spend the summer but you will also have the chance to be on the ground floor of an open source project with a potential for high impact in the music space.  (And you even get paid!) You may want to read more information on internships @ Sun Labs.

Update: If you do respond to the job posting, send me an email too at Paul.Lamere @ sun.com - just to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. 

And just to whet your appetite here are some screenshots of SITM:




"[...]you will also have the chance to be on the ground floor of an open source project with a potential for high impact in the music space."

Does that mean that SITM will get open sourced? If so, awesome. :)

As for internships, if you were hesitating, Sun Labs is an incredible place to intern and Paul is a really great guy.

Posted by Jean-Francois Im on February 08, 2008 at 04:03 AM EST #

so exciting!
Could we access the source code early? :)

Posted by Steve Tzou on February 09, 2008 at 01:33 PM EST #

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