Climbing the country music charts is (I Wanna Hear) A Cheatin' Song, a duet featuring Anita Cochran and Conway Twitty. Strange thing is, Conway Twitty died a decade before the song was written. Mr. Twitty did not sing the song from his grave. Instead, record producer Jim Ed Norman extracted 100's of snippets of Twitty's vocals from other recordings and painstakenly stitched them together using a computer program called Pro Tools, an audio production tool, to adjust pitch, smooth out the transitions and make it sound like a seemless recording.

In the future, as speech synthesis technology improves, the same thing could be done with actors voices, allowing them to speak long after they have taken their last curtain call. George Lucas could continually retinker with Darth Vader's lines long after James Earl Jones quits in disgust. Ah well, maybe its not such a good idea.

More on Conway Twitty's song in USA Today.


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