As you all know by now, the audioscrobbler is a music player plugin from Last.FM that keeps track of what you play.  When you play a track, the scrobbler scrobbles the play data back to where it is added to their massive taste database.  The word 'scrobble' really is a great word.  It is fun to say, and in some odd way seems to be descriptive of my taste data being stuffed into a database.   I've wondered if the word was a made up concoction of RJ (the guy at Last.FM who wrote the first scrobbler) or if the word was an English-ism that every UK resident uses every day ("Children, help me scrobble the blood pudding into the wardrobe").   I asked RJ about this - he says that he has always thought that the word was a made up word without any previous meaning.

Funny thing is, I encountered the word in the wild and not in the context of Music 2.0.   I was reading the book called "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman.  In this book there is a passage of dialog between two characters (Vandemar and Coup) where they talked about 'scrobbling' a girl  (which likely meant that they  would do something nasty to her). This book was published before the birth of the Audioscrobbler, so I asked RJ about it. He said he never read it.   I also asked Neil Gaiman where he got the word from, but he has yet to reply.  And so in the end we have a new word to add to the dictionary with perhaps at least two meanings.   (I'm scrobbling some weezer right now).


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