I think that we will see a big shift in ISMIR this year to a focus on the social side of music, music retrieval, social tags and recommendation. Looking through the list of papers and posters, there seem to be lots that are related to social music, including:

  • Exploring Mood Metadata: Relationships with Genre, Artist and Usage Metadata
  • Virtual Communities for Creating Shared Music Channels
  • jWebMiner: A Web-Based Feature Extractor
  • Meaningfully Browsing Music Services
  • Web-Based Detection of Music Band Members and Line-Up
  • Tool Play Live: Dealing with Ambiguity in Artist Similarity Mining from the Web
  •  Music Recommendation Mapping and Interface Based on Structural Network Entropy
  •  Sociology and Music Recommendation Systems
  •  Creating a Simplified Music Mood Classification Ground-Truth Set
  •  Preliminary Analyses of Information Features Provided by Users for Identifying Music
  •  TagATune: A Game for Music and Sound Annotation
  • A Web-Based Game for Collecting Music Metadata
  • Autotagging Music Using Supervised Machine Learning
  • A Semantic Space for Music Derived from Social Tags 
  • Similarity Based on Rating Data
  • The Quest for Ground Truth in Musical Artist Tagging in the Social Web Era
  • Annotating Music Collections: How Content-Based Similarity Helps to Propagate Labels
  • A Game-Based Approach for Collecting Semantic Annotations of Music
  • Human Similarity Judgments: Implications for the Design of Formal Evaluations



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