Willie, our fearless leader in the Speech Group here in Sun Labs, just added support for ECMAScript action tags to Sphinx-4. With Action Tags the parsing of recognition results can be greatly simplified. This is similar to Semantic Interpretation work done by the W3C as part of the VoiceXML effort.

Here's a JSGF grammar that shows how you could use action tags to support a fast food restaurant.

<pizzaTopping> = cheese
               | pepperoni
               | mushrooms
               | mushroom
               | onions
               | onion
               | sausage;

<pizza> = <NULL> { this.$value = new Packages.demo.jsapi.tags.Pizza(); }
          ([and] <pizzaTopping> { this.$value.addTopping($); })*
          (pizza | pie)
          [with] ([and] <pizzaTopping> { this.$value.addTopping($); })*;

// Burger toppings and command.
<burgerTopping> = onions
                | pickles
                | tomatoes
                | lettuce
                | cheese;

<burgerCondiment> = mayo
                  | relish
                  | ketchup
                  | mustard
                  | special sauce;

<burger> = ((burger | hamburger) { this.$value
                                    = new Packages.demo.jsapi.tags.Burger(); }
            | cheeseburger { this.$value
                              = new Packages.demo.jsapi.tags.Burger();
          ( [and] ( <burgerTopping> { this.$value.addTopping($); }
                  | <burgerCondiment> { this.$value.addCondiment($); }

public <order> = [I (want | would like) a]
                 (<pizza> | <burger> { appObj.submitOrder($.$value); };

With this grammar you can say things like:
"I want a pizza with pepperoni and onions and sausage and mushrooms'

"I would like a cheeseburger with relish, onions and special sauce"

and the proper Java objects (Burger or Pizza) will be created with all of the proper toppings, and condiments. This eliminates a whole level of parsing that would have to be done in the Java code. You can read more about Action Tags here: ECMAScript Action Tags for JSGF


Wonderful! Thank you thank you thank you!! :)

Posted by Alexander on September 14, 2004 at 03:56 PM EDT #

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