I took a tour by hand through the top 1,500 last.fm artist tags to identify which ones were related to genre. I found about 700 of them, ranging from the familiar 'rock', 'indie' and 'jazz' to 'aggrotech', 'true Norwegian black metal', and 'terror ebm'. It is actually quite a it of work filtering the tags like this. I had to look up many tags like 'angura kei' and 'juggalo' to see if they were genre related. And I am sure I made many mistakes. Some of my favorites are:

My edited hand-edited list of genres can be found here: genre.txt

Update: Zac suggested making the genres links to the last.fm tag page .. so here they are:

3rd wave ska 60s pop 77 style punk 80s Pop 80s hair metal 80s hardcore 80s metal 80s rock 8bit 90s Rock 90s pop Acid Adult Alternative Aggrotech Alt-country Alternative and punk Ambient Techno American Punk Atmospheric metal Avant-Garde Avant-Garde Jazz Avant-Prog Avant-garde Metal Avantgarde Metal Belgian music Big Band Blackened Death Metal Bossa Nova Brit-pop British Metal British Punk Britrock Broken Beat Brutal Death Metal C-pop Chicago Blues Christian Hardcore Christian Metalcore Classic Blues Classic Punk Classical Comedy Rock Contemporary Crunk Crust Cyber Metal Dark metal Death Doom Metal Deutschrap Deutschrock Dirty South Disco Doom Drill n Bass Drum and bass Drum n Bass Eastern Europe Rock Electro Pop Electro-Rock Electroclash Electrojazz Electronic Pop Emo rock Europop Experimental Rock Extreme Metal Extreme Power Metal Female fronted metal Flamenco Folk Black Metal French rock Funk Rock Fusion G-funk Gangsta Rap Garage Punk Garage Rock German Metalcore German hip hop German metal Girl Rock Glam Metal Goa Trance Gothic Gothic Doom Metal Gothic Metal Gothic Rock Grime Grind Grunge Hard Bop Hard Trance Hardcore and Metalcore Harsh EBM Hip-Hop Horrorcore House Indie Hip Hop Indie-Rock Indietronic Industrial Death Metal Irish Folk Irish Punk J-Indie J-music J-rock JPop Japanese Indie Japanese pop Jazz Hop Jazz Rock Klassik Kpop Latin Rock Lo-Fi Love Metal MathMetal Melodic Death Metal Melodic Power Metal Mendigao thrash Mittelalter NOT METAL NWOBHM Neo Soul Neo-Psychedelia Neo-Soul Neo-prog New Wave of British Heavy Metal New Weird America New York Punk Nintendocore Norwegian Black Metal Nu Metal Nu-metal Oi Old School Punk Old school Hardcore Polski Hip Hop Pop Metal Pop-Rock Pop-punk Post Grunge Post punk Post-Black Metal Post-Bop Post-Metal Power metal Prog-Rock Progressive Progressive House Progressive metal Progressive rock Psychedelia Psychedelic Rock Punk Revival Punk-Pop Punk-Rock Raggacore Rap and Hip Hop Rap and Hip-Hop Rap-Rock Rave Real hip-hop Retro Rock Argentino Rock and Roll Semi-Ambient Shock Rock Sludge Smooth Jazz Southern Rock Space Ambient Spanish Metal Spanish Rock Stoner Rock Straight Edge Suicidal Black Metal Surf Swedish Death Metal Swedish Metal Swedish Pop Swedish Punk Symphonic Black Metal Symphonic Rock Synth-Rock Technical Death Metal Technical Metal Technical Thrash Metal Traditional Doom Metal Troll Metal True Norwegian Black Metal UK hip hop West Coast Rap World Music abstract hip-hop acid house acid jazz adult contemporary afrobeat album rock alt country alt rock alt-rock alternative alternative country alternative dance alternative metal alternative pop alternative pop-rock alternative rap alternative rock ambient ambient black metal ambient pop anarcho punk anarcho-punk angura kei anti-folk antifolk apocalyptic folk arena rock art punk art rock art-rock artcore atmospheric ambient atmospheric black metal baroque baroque pop bass batcave battle metal beatdown beats bebop big beat bitpop black death metal black metal black music black y pagan metal bluegrass blues blues rock blues-rock bop brazilian rock breakbeat breakcore brit pop brit rock british folk british invasion british rock britpop brutal brutal death cabaret cello rock celtic celtic metal celtic punk celtic rock chamber pop chanson chick rock chiptune christian metal christian rock classic classic country classic jazz classic metal classic rock classique club club-dance college rock contemporary christian contemporary classical contemporary jazz contemporary rnb cool jazz country country rock country-rock cpop crack rock steady crazy crust punk cybergrind cyberpunk d-beat dance dance punk dance rock dance-pop dance-punk dark dark ambient dark cabaret dark electro dark folk dark wave darkwave death death doom death metal death punk death rock death-doom metal death-grind death-thrash metal deathcore deathgrind deathrock deep ambient deep house delta blues depressive black metal depressive rock desert rock detroit techno deutschpunk digital hardcore dnb doom metal downbeat downtempo dream pop dreampop drone drone doom drone metal dub dubstep east coast rap ebm electro electro-industrial electro-pop electronic electronic dub electronic rock electronica electropop electropunk elektro emo emo violence emocore epic black metal epic metal euro trance eurobeat eurodance experimental metal experimental techno fado fantasy fantasy metal finnish metal finnish rock folk folk and viking metal folk metal folk noir folk punk folk rock folk-punk folk-rock folktronica freak folk free jazz french house french pop frenchcore funeral doom funeral doom metal funk funk metal future pop futurepop gangsta geek rock german hip-hop german hiphop german rock glam glam rock glitch goa goregrind gospel goth goth metal goth rock gothenburg metal grindcore groove groove metal guitar rock gypsy punk hair metal happy hardcore hard rock hardcore hardcore punk hardcore rap hardrock hardstyle heavy metal heavy rock hip hop hip-hop and rap hiphop horror punk idm indie indie electronic indie folk indie pop indie rap indie rock indie-pop indiepop indietronica industrial industrial black metal industrial jungle pussy punk industrial metal industrial rock instrumental hip-hop instrumental metal instrumental rock italian pop j-pop j-urban jam band jangle pop japanese japanese rock jazz jazz funk jazz fusion jazz metal jazz piano jazz vocal jazz-rock jazzy jrock jungle k-pop kills nu-metal ten times over klezmer krautrock latin latin jazz liquid funk lounge mallcore martial industrial math math metal math rock mathcore melodeath melodic black metal melodic death melodic hardcore melodic metal melodic metalcore melodic punk melodic rock metal metalcore microhouse minimal minimal techno minimalism minimalist modern country modern jazz modern metal modern rock motown mpb nederhop neo classical neo-classical neo-classical metal neo-folk neoclassic neoclassical neofolk nerdcore neurofunk new age new metal new rave new wave new-age ninja tune no wave noise noise pop noise rock noise-rock noisecore nordic metal northern soul norwegian norwegian metal not emo not rock nouvelle scene francaise nsbm nu jazz nu soul nu-jazz nujazz numetal old school old school death metal old school industrial old school rap oldschool hardcore opera opera metal organic ambient oshare kei outlaw country p-funk pagan black metal pagan metal peace punk polish hip-hop polish punk polish rock political punk political rap pop pop punk pop rock poprock porngrind post hardcore post rock post-emo post-grunge post-hardcore post-punk post-rock postpunk postrock power pop power violence powernoise powerpop powerviolence prog metal prog rock progressive black metal progressive death metal progressive power metal progressive trance proto punk proto-punk psy psychedelic psychedelic folk psychedelic trance psychill psychobilly psytrance pub rock punk punk cabaret punk pop punk rock punkrock r&b r and b ragga rap rap metal rap-metal rapcore raw black metal real hip hop real metal real screamo reggae reggae-dub-ska rhythm and blues riot grrl riot grrrl ritual ambient rnb rock rock argento rock francais rock n roll rock opera rockabilly rocksteady roots reggae russian alternative russian rock sadcore salsa samba scandinavian metal screamo shibuya-kei shoegaze shoegazer sid metal ska ska punk ska-punk skacore skapunk skate punk skatepunk slowcore sludge metal soft rock soul southern rap space age pop space music space rock spanish pop speed metal stoner doom stoner metal straight edge hardcore street punk streetpunk sub pop suomirock surf rock swing symphonic symphonic metal symphonic power metal symphonic prog synth pop synth rock synth-pop synthpop tango tech metal technical death techno teen pop terror ebm thrash thrash metal thrashcore trance trash metal tribal ambient trip hop trip-hop triphop tropicalia true black metal true metal true punk turkish rock twee pop underground underground hip hop underground hip-hop underground rap uplifting trance urban video game video game music viking metal visual kei vocal house vocal jazz vocal trance wizard rock world world fusion wristslitters


So "Viking Metal" has 11,521 occurrences and "British Folk" only has 324? What a strange world we live in.

I would suggest that "Sub pop" as a tag is not a genre, but rather folks identifying music from the Sub Pop label, but this could be debated.

Also: Some smart cookie should turn that .txt file into a hyperlinked text so I can click on the genre tag and be taken to that Last.fm page.

Posted by Zac on June 12, 2008 at 08:41 AM EDT #

Zac, enjoy!

Last.fm tag cloud genre: http://mtg.upf.edu/~ocelma/last.fm-genre-tagcloud/

Posted by Oscar on June 12, 2008 at 01:12 PM EDT #

It's like Christmas twice over!

Posted by Zac on June 13, 2008 at 12:36 PM EDT #

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