Recently, Michael Mandel updated the MajorMinor site (an ESP-style game for collecting social tags for music), to allow one to browse the tags generated by humans as well as to examine the tags generated by their autotagging algorithms. The machine tags are trained on the human tags to 'automatically find relevant clips based on their sounds'. They have about 50 or so tags trained, including tags like 80s, instrumental, indie metal, strings, slow fast, repetitive, sample and rap.

Some of the machine tags are really good: jazz, drum and bass and female. while some are not so good: violin, punk and keyboard.

It's great that Michael is making this data available for everyone to see and explore. We have some similar data from our autotagger. Doug has put together a nifty web for exploring this data - hopefully in the next couple of months we can do the same as Michael and make it available for all to use and explore. Doug keeps threatening to start a blog, so perhaps he'll write about it sometime in the near future.


The Machine tags for "British" are also pretty fun to look through.

Posted by Zac on May 19, 2008 at 11:37 AM EDT #

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