Recommender startup Matchmine has shut it doors. CEO Mike Troiano says on the Matchmine blog:
    Today - more suddenly than anyone would have liked - matchmine came to an end. I got word of the decision on Friday, and told the team here this morning. We are shutting the company down immediately, though a few of us will stick around to try and support our partners through a transition, and notify others affected by the closing of our doors.

This article fills in the details.

    The nature of our financing meant that the financial market crisis overtook us more abruptly than most,” Troiano writes. “To my team and their families, our vendors, network partners and prospects, I can only say that I am deeply sorry for the way this comes to a close. And I don’t mean ‘press release sorry;’ I mean really, personally sorry.
We've had lots of interesting discussions with the Matchmine folks over the last year - they are a bunch of smart people - I hope they all find good homes.

Thank you, Paul.

Posted by Mike Troiano on October 31, 2008 at 10:30 AM EDT #

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