Last week I wrote about the trouble with resolving artist names. Here's another real-life example of the trouble.  El-Producto (aka EL-P) is (according to the Wikipedia) an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur from NYC who is a major driving force in alternative hip hop for over a decade. recommends similar artists like Canibal Ox, Company Flow, Mr. Lif, Aesop Rock, Cage and Vast Aire.  All reasonable recommendations.  Musicmobs yields artists like Murs, Cage  and Company Flow. Again reasonable.  But iLike yields recommendations like: Yes, Kansas, Genesis and Superior.   These are not good recommendations. It looks like iLike is confusing EL-P the rapper with ELP the prog rock band.

Lucky for many of the music recommender sites  that it is really hard to objectively evaluate how well a recommender works, otherwise I think some of the high profile, well-funded sites would be embarrassed when compared to some of the smaller scrappy sites.


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