Today, I'm listening to my personal iTunes collection.   When I do this I usually I'll pick an artist and shuffle play through the songs.  This does get a little boring.   However, shuffling through an artist is much better than trying to shuffle play my whole collection which tends to bring up my kid's music (high school musical anyone?) more often than I'd like. Today, instead of using shuffle play, I'm using The Filter to give me playlists. The Filter will generate playlists for you based upon a selection of seed songs.  I commented the other day how poorly The Filter seemed to do when recommending music from the whole iTunes store, but so far today it has done a very good job of giving me a decent playlist drawn from my own collection based upon a seed song or two.  

I like the idea of providing tools to help people better explore their personal collections.  Without these tools are iPods are destined become music graveyards - the place music goes to die.  So far, with The Filter, I'm listening to lots of music that is in my personal collection that I have not listened to ever - and I haven't had to risk iPod whiplash that comes with shuffle play.


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