Some music highlights from JavaOne 2007:

  • 'Real' bumper music - In previous years, the music at the keynotes was canned, non-commercial music.  The type of music you could buy a license for and play forever.  I can still remember the trombone solo in one of the frequently played tracks.  This year, they played 'real' music - that is, commercial music - songs by OK Go,  U2 w. Mary J. Blige, songs that most people would recognize .  Same for the tech sessions - the real music was nice.   I did notice on the keynote webcasts, that I've watched, they've replaced the commercial music with the canned music, sigh ... such is the state of music licensing on the web.
  • DJ Anon - The openining session started with electronic music by DJ Anon - the music set a good vibe for the day.
  • Tech Sessions -  There were only two tech session directly related to music: a talk on the fascinating jFugue, and my talk on Search Inside the Music. 
  • Mini music bof - A bunch of us that have an interest in music and Java went out for dinner one evening.  Next year, we should have a real BOF around music and Java.
  • School of Rock - one of the music highlights of JavaOne was during the walk back to the hotel one evening.  There was a stage set up in the middle of Union Square, and a bunch of kids were playing music.   I stopped and watched 3 bands play - these kids were remarkable - playing some extremely difficult songs (like Zappa).  The kids were from the School Of Rock. Awesome stuff.


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