On my commute to work this morning I listened to this week's Google Developer podcast. It was all about Google Gadgets (those little widgets that you can add to your google home page) - it piqued my interest so I decided I would give it a go and try to write a one.  I wrote a simple gadget that keeps track of what is currently playing at Radio Paradise.


Now Playing at Radio Paradise
Gadgets powered by Google

The gadget grabs the  Now Playing XML feed from http://www2.radioparadise.com/now_playing.xml, extracts  the current artist, song and amazon ID, and constructs the content, and keeps it fresh when the song changes.   The whole widget, including all of the XML description is less than a 100 lines of code.  It is easy and fun to make these, and Google does a great job at making it easy to write, deploy and publish the apps. Well done, Google.

Oh, and feel free to try it out. 

 See "Now Playing at Radio Paradise" on your Google homepage »


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