Steve and I are giving a talk at JavaOne about our recommendation project.  We submitted our slides a couple of weeks ago and we've received some feedback.  According to the J1 organizers,  our Slide 18 must go!  It is too controversial!   

Our slide 18  shows how social recommenders can be vulnerable to hacking and manipulation. It shows a screenshot of the amazon recommender linking Pat Robertson's "Six Steps to Spiritual Revival" to a gay sex manual.   The story behind the recommendation prank is here.   Apparently that's too racy for JavaOne.  


  We offered this alternative, which shows the similar artists for Hillary Clinton - which have apparently been manipulated listeners to tie her to politicians with a less than stellar reputation. Once again, this was a  No go with the JavaOne crew - politics can be a bit of a touchy subject too.  

So that leaves us looking for some less controversial examples of recommendation hacking - no sex and no politics allowed.  Our current best candidate is the boring  Vote For the Worst  which is a site that encourages people to vote for the worst American Idol Candidate - surely there's something better than that. Any suggestions?


I'm a big fan of the Paris Hilton = Brutal Death Metal hijinx.

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