There has been much talk about Motorola's deal with Apple to produce an iPod-style phone (called the H1) that can play songs dowloaded from iTunes. This device was announced quite some time ago, but we've yet to see one. Now Nokia is entering the market of music-enabled phones. They've announced the N91 a multimedia phone with a 4gb hard disk, (roughly the size of an iPod mini).

Right now, it looks like the only way to get music onto the N91 is either by hooking it up to your computer (via USB) and copying it there, or by recording FM. It doesn't look like there's any support for hooking it up to iTunes or one of the subscription services like Napster-to-go. I think the music market will get really interesting when people can start to browse and buy music from their phone/mp3 player. It will be here very soon!


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