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Here at Sun, we've been thinking a bit about our office space. Much of it was designed in the midst of the dot com boom - where offices had doors, there was desk space for one workstation and barely room for a single visitor. Maybe this environment isn't really the best way to foster an interesting and productive collaboration among team members.

I've seen lots of photos of interesting workspaces for the Web 2.0 companies. These companies are small, have shoestring budgets, are staffed mostly by young, energetic types. I think some of the offices of these companies may be interesting models for what our team space can look like at Sun.

So with that, I may be posting a few images of Music 2.0 companies that seem to have some interesting office space. And if you think your office is particularly interesting, toss a photo or two on Flickr and send me the link.

Here is a picture of iLike's Seattle office (from their weblog) if you are interested. Big open plan office, plenty of light, multiple large screens on each desk, easy walking distance to good restaurants and cafes.

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