The iLike office is shown here.  This was a pretty new space for them when they took the photo, so it doesn't have the 'lived-in' look that I'm sure it has now.  I like the open space and huge windows.  The bare lightbulbs are a bit funky.  I'm guessing everyone is near an edge of the room because that's where the power and network cables are.  No sign of a whiteboard.


 This space looks pretty cool - brick, plants, non-fluorescent lighting.


Some nice brick here (the tin foil is not standard issue), but the air conditioner worries me a bit - loud and too hot unless you are sitting right in front of it, then ... too cold).  I believe this is the first iLike office (described on their blog as a 'dark, dank, cave')

(Thanks Greg for the pointer)


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