MusicMagic Mixer, by Predixis, is a personal music organizer and player that along with the usual features that you associate with such a program will perform a content-based analysis of your music collection to derive music similarity information. It will then use this information to help you build playslists (they call them Power Mixes) .

Unfortunately MusicMagic Mixer fails to run for me on my machine. I get an error about not being able to load the 'NativeEngine' library. Bummer, as I'd like to try it. Anyway, MusicMagic Mixer is one of the first personal music organizers that will use content analysis to help generate playlists. I think we shall be seeing a whole lot more systems like this soon, however, with more and more people buying music from places like iTunes (with its DRM), it will get harder and harder for the content analysis to be done on the client, since the DRM will not allow the analysis to get at the bits. Instead, the analysis will need to be done on the server at the music service before the DRM is applied. Update: The folks at Predixis indicate that they are working on an update that should address my problem


Hi! My name is Rachel and I'm part of the Predixis team. I've discussed the issue you encountered with our software development guru. Could you email me with some more details about what happened when you tried to run the App? We've got a rough idea of what the problem might be...are you a linux user? We'll do our best to get MusicMagic up and running for you. Rachel [email protected]

Posted by Rachel on September 26, 2005 at 10:01 AM EDT #

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