One of the nifty new features of iTunes 7.0 is that it is now tracking 'skip count' - the number of times that a song has been skipped (a song is skipped when the 'next song' button is used to advance to the next song before the song has completed).  The skip count opens up all sorts of playlisting possibilities -  for instance, now you can create smart playlists that always avoid songs that have been skipped more than 3 times.

There are some examples of using the skip count to create interesting smart playlists (and some other types of playlists) in this entry at 43 folders:  5 Tricks for packrats and power users


Hmm.. I would actually try to be a little smarter than this. Instead of avoiding songs that have been skipped "n" times, I would look at the context in which those songs were skipped. It could very well be that the skipper likes the song, but is in a "classical" mood at the moment the punk song was skipped. Just a minor thought.

Posted by Jeremy P on November 14, 2006 at 04:50 PM EST #

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