Elias and I have been working hard to prepare for our tutorial on Social Tags and Music Information Retrieval that we are presenting in a couple of days at ISMIR. We are presenting a whole lot of material in this three hour tutorial. Perhaps too much for anyone to be able to remember it all. With this in mind we are creating a site called SocialMusicResearch.org that will be the clearing house for all of the material that we present during the tutorial. At this site you'll find our slides, links to code, links to data, our bibliography and other pointers to interesting topics relevant to social tags and music information retrieval.


Instead of just creating a static site, we've set up SocialMusicResearch.org as a wiki - so that other researchers that are interested in social tags and music can contribute and help make this the place to go to learn all about social tags and music information retrieval, and social music in general.

We've just started populating the wiki so now's the time to get involved if you like being in on the ground. If you'd like to start contributing to the wiki, sign up and let me know your user ID (email it to [email protected]) and I'll add it to the set of editors.

Another easy way to participate in Social Music Research is to just start tagging relevant web pages with the tag "SocialMusicResearch" on Delicious. Elias talks about this on his research blog.


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