It looks like Spotify got a little taste of reality. In today's blog post Andreas reports "As part of our ongoing negotiations with rights holders, we have pruned the catalog. We’re sorry if this means your favorite artist is missing. Our long-term goal is to have all the music." Sure enough, a search for The Beatles results in just Beatles' covers, no real Beatles. It is hard to tell how deep the pruning is, but I really hope it wasn't too deep - one of Spotify's biggest value has been their bottomless cup of music. I'm sure Spotify will be working hard to get the music back. (And don't tell anyone, but the Beatles still seem to be there, they've just been removed from the Spotify search index. All my old playlists that had Beatles songs still play just fine.)

Via Spoitfy Blog

Update: Well, it looks like the Beatles are completely gone now. The Beatles are now MIA from all my playslist too. Sigh.

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