Jason points to telekenisis - an application that allows you to watch/listen to media on your iPhone that is stored on your computer.  One interesting bit about this is that the telekinesis developer working on streaming audio and video is Brian Whitman.  Brian is one of the principals at the (forever?) stealth Music 2.0 company called The Echo Nest. Brian also has a stellar reputation in the Music Information Retrieval having co-authored several fundamental MIR papers such as A large-scale evaluation of acoustic and subjective music similarity measures, and The Quest for Ground Truth in Musical Artist Similarity. I'm certainly curious to see if the Echo Nest will be rolling out a music app/service that runs on the iPhone. 

They certainly have the chops for it. Here's a quick clip showing some work they've done with the PSP:

And here's Telikinesis running WOW on an iPhone


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