I'm taking notes during ISMIR - since some people may be interested, I'm blog them.

ISMIR kicks off with a tutorial on the ChucK language, presented by Ge Wang (Stanford) and Rebecca Fiebrink (Princeton). This is a hands on tutorial based on the miniAudicle.

Ge Ge Wang gave an overview of core language features:

  • The chuck operator:
  • Example:
    Impulse i => dac;
    while (true)
          1 => i.next;
          100::ms => now;
    This program clicks the speaker every 10th second

Next Ge Wang explains all about time and concurrency. Ge Wang is coding on the fly in response to a question ... he has no fear.

Next Ge Wang coded up some demos - cool sounds. Ge Wang demonstrated the audicle - which has all sorts of interesting visualizations of the active shreds.

It's about time for me to finalize prep for the social tags tutorial - so I shall miss the second half on the tutorial. Too bad, since this has been a great intro to ChucK and I'd like to hear more.


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