Oscar, my co-tutor for the music recommendation tutorial has posted the Music Recommendation Tutorial Website with supporting information for the music recommendation tutorial.   On the site you will find PDFs of the slide deck (all 250 of them), the the tutorial proposal that we submitted to the program committee back in April (I knew I was signing up for a lot of work, but I didn't know exactly how much) and some other bits and pieces.

Oscar and I would love to hear some feedback on the tutorial - the good and bad bits. (Yes, we had too much material to cover in too little time, apologies for talking so fast).  We'd also like to continue the conversations about what makes a good recommendation - in particular the 'relevance + novelty' idea - and how it can be measured.  So if you have thoughts about this, or comments about the tutorial, please add to the comments of this post.

 Finally, let me say it was great fun working with Oscar - he's smart, easy going and just filled with good ideas.  But Oscar learned an important lesson - don't over stuff yourself on Weiner shcnitzel, the night before  a big talk ... you'll not be too happy the next day.  Here's Oscar, an hour before the tutorial wondering if he'd make it through ...


Thanks for the slides! That was the best tutorial ever!

Posted by elias on October 01, 2007 at 05:22 PM EDT #

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