Students Thomas Horf, Roland Roller, Sabrina Wilske have built a robotic barkeep that will make a drink at your spoken request. As the robot makes your drink it will tell you a joke or two.

This robotic barkeep is the product of the Talking Robots with LEGO MindStorms course offered by the Computational Linguistics and Phonetics department at the University des Saarlandes. The Talking Robots course is designed to help students explore robotics and computational linguistics by creating robots that can communicate. They use Lego Mindstorms, the Lejos Java virtual machine as well as the Java speech API to implement these robots. Other interesting robots are the blackjack dealer and the Logistics Robot

They also have a Resource Page that serves as a great starting point for anyone thinking of building communicating robots.


[Trackback] Paul Lamere can tell about a robotic barkeeper that will serve you a drink at a spoken request, and tell jokes while it's making them. :) I'm hoping that version two can juggle the bottles, make recommendations, improvise new drinks depending on the ...

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