Tom Conrad of Pandora posted this on his blog yesterday:

On the night of May 22nd, Pandora will be making a series of announcements that are kind of game changers for us. At the very least it signals a new chapter in our story.

Well, I'm certainly curious. What would be a game changer for Pandora?  Some guesses:

  1. PandoraPod - Pandora figures out how you can take your favorite Pandora streams on the road - imagine a 4 hour long MP3 of your favorite Pandora Radio stations. 
  2. Pandorapedia- The Social Music Genome - Pandora opens up their music analysis to all - letting anyone contribute to the music analysis.  Think Pandora + Wikipedia  ==  Pandorapedia
  3. Classic Pandora  - Pandora adds classical music to its catalog
  4. iLikePandora - Pandora adds all of the social features found in the current crop of social music sites (friends, messaging, myspace plugins, tagging, youtube videos)  No! Please no!
  5. IndiependiePandora - Pandora becomes a label/venue/storefront for unsigned musicians (think Amie St.)
  6. Pandroid - Pandora replaces its musician analysists with computers trained to listen to music.
  7. PandoraPlatform - Pandora sets up shop in Sealand to avoid the compulsory licensing fees
  8. Radio Pandoradise - Pandora replaces their playlisting algorithm with Bill G of Radio Paradise.

 Well, I know lots of people who think about music discovery read this blog ... what do you think is this soon to be announced game changer?


Hey Paul, Fun post -- would love to have you join us. Are you free on the 22nd? Drop me an email. Tom

Posted by Tom Conrad on May 14, 2007 at 04:29 PM EDT #

pAIndora - Pandora found a way to extract their 400 attributes automatically (which would probably lead to pain in paindora) and is now open for everybody to upload music. The music-analysts now only have to think about two attributes:

- Do we want this uploaded song in Pandora?

- Are we allowed to use this uploaded song in Pandora? Does the uploader hold the rights for that song?

Or ... they skip the second one and move to Sealand.

Posted by Daniel Gärtner on May 15, 2007 at 06:11 AM EDT #

After reading Pauls suggestions again and finding out, that I probably overlooked his nr. 6 when I read his post first, I got another one: google buys pandora, and lots of other related things, and builds something very googlish

Posted by Daniel Gärtner on May 15, 2007 at 08:19 AM EDT #

With the little banner image of "Pandora: Here, There, Everywhere" my guess is some kind of combination with a handheld media player...along the lines of Slacker or the Sansa/Rhapsody combo.

Posted by Zac on May 15, 2007 at 02:36 PM EDT #

Zac - good call, I didn't even notice the "Here, there, everywhere" tagline. Yes, a portable pandora, ala slacker is a good guess.

Posted by Paul on May 15, 2007 at 02:44 PM EDT #

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