I was using the nifty developer's API at the Echo Nest to fill out some of the data for the SXSW Artist Catalog. I encountered a bug where the API would return an HTTP response code of 500 for some artists. I posted a description of the bug, grabbed another cup of coffee and then re-ran my artist crawler. I noticed that my crawler was no longer encountering the bug. Suspecting that I may have just encountered a glitch, I went back to the Echo Nest developer's forum to add a note when I saw that they had already replied to my request and had fixed the bug. So in four minutes they had: 1) Noticed my bug report, 2) identified it as real bug, 3) fixed the bug, 4) deployed the fix, and 5) Posted a response to the bug report. I think that may be a world record bug fix time for a deployed web application. Nicely done, Echo Nest.

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