I'm writing this blog post from the Anne Marie House - this is 'transitional housing'  for families with  young children that have no home.  Currently Anne Marie House is hosting 6 families - including 7 children (4 under the age of one year old).  Anne Marie House is run by the Greater Nashua Interfaith Hospitality Network, an organization of the various local houses of worship (of all faiths). The goal is to provide safe, clean, substance free housing for homeless families, especially those with young children.  The house is run by volunteers from the participating churches and temples - the volunteers provide meals, hosting, security, organization - everything a small hotel would need.  So every 6 weeks or so I volunteer to spend an night at the house as an overnight host. And let me tell you, as far as volunteer jobs, this is a pretty easy one.  There's wifi (thus the blog), a clean bed (bring your own sheets), and lots of smiles from the kids who are staying here.  This is a great community effort - hundreds of volunteers rotate through this house every month- and it really is making a difference is hundreds of lives - especially kids who would not have a place to sleep otherwise.  

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