Chris Dahlen's latest column in Pitchfork:  Fire the Critics attempts to predict the future of music criticism - trying to answer the question of where professional criticism will fit in to a world  filled with millions of music bloggers, music discovery engines and social tagging (which in some sense is just a music  review boiled down to a single word).  Chris uses Snapp Radio as an example of what the future of music criticism will look like.  Just as Snapp Radio can draw on the 'wisdom of the crowds' to select images that fit in with music - people will draw on the wisdom of the crowds to  discover and to be surprised by new music.  Chris says: 'the responses of thousands of people are going to surprise me more than a handful of people in a magazine office'. Chris does say there is still room for the professional critic. The critic's role now is writing real criticism - compelling, original, well-argued writing -  to challenge the buzz, to demand more from the artists and the listeners,  to 'stir up trouble'.


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