Internet radio had already had the last meal, had made its peace with the maker and was enjoying the final cigarette, when the call from the Governor came with a stay of execution.  It's not over yet, but Internet Radio won't get the AX on Sunday as originally planned.  Bill G of Radio Paradise sums it up:

Looks like the pressure is off (see Friday's edition of Kurt Hanson's RAIN newsletter for all of the details, or this Wired blog post) — at least for now — and we're sick to death of writing, reading, and talking about the damn royalties.

We'll probably have a thing or two to say by Monday — or we may have had our fill of the subject for another five years. Suffice it to say that, like we've been promising, we will definitely be around on Monday, and for many, many Mondays to come. Thanks a lot for your support on this! You're all awesome. That is all.


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