One of the really nice things about MusicBrainz (everyone's favorite music metadatabase) is that you can download the entire database and run a local copy.  Of course for casual access, it is easy enough to use the MusicBrainz web services, but for the hardcore among us, having a local copy of the database is the cat's meow. 

Now MusicBrainz is a pretty hardcore Linux shop, so I was a bit worried that getting the MusicBrainz database running on Solaris would be a nightmare of sorting out twisted package dependencies and incompatibilites, especially since I've never configured Postgres (the MusicBrainz DB) on Solaris before. I was expecting a long frustrating morning with lots of calls to Steve for help. But  I gave it a try and discovered that it was really quite easy.  I just followed the instructions for configuring Postgres for Solaris here: How to Configure and Run PostgreSQL on Solaris 10, and then followed the instructions for installing the MusicBrainz database here: How to Import the MusicBrainz Database.

It all just worked. I didn't have to install software or patches.  There were no dependency issues, no perl modules, no crying, no calls to Steve.  I just downloaded the MusicBrainz dumps, grabbed the SQL code from the MB subversion repository and followed the install steps.  Now I have  super-music-metadata-power.


That's great!
Now, the next step is to implement a couple of (simple) scripts so you can download the updates straight from MB. So, with a few daily INSERTs, your local DB is always up-to-date! :-)
Cheers, Oscar

Posted by Oscar on July 13, 2007 at 12:16 PM EDT #

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