Ezmo is a startup that is creating a music player that lets you share music with your friends.  Ezmo's offices are in Oslo Norway. 

Here's the headquarters - note the disco ball,  Abbey Road artwork, project timeline, natural light and funky curtains (reminds me a bit of Spotify's old space).


Here's the developer space - a shared space, most people working on laptops,  headphones, the Adobe Flex manual.

Bug/features tracking is light weight ... all you need is a whiteboard and some colored markers.  (I'm surprised that this is in English).

And of course, every Music 2.0 startup needs their Guitar Hero space:

It looks like Ezmo is a cool place to work.


You might want to have a look at our developer blog too: http://devblog.ezmo.com It has some more details about what we're building and how we do it (in addition to play guitar hero as you correctly pointed out) :)

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