If you are one of the lucky ones to have a paper accepted to ISMIR 2007 - remember that the camera-ready version is due this Friday, June 29.  So if you plan to be waiting in line at an Apple store on Friday, you should plan ahead.  Note that the latex/word templates have been modified slightly, so even if you think you have no changes to make, you will have to generate a new version with the updated template. And of course, you need to register for the conference by Friday ... so make sure you find someone with a credit card.

While registering, make note of the  tutorials that are being held on the Sunday before the conference.  In particular Oscar Celma, and I will be present a 3-hour tutorial on music recommendation.  I'm really excited about this, it should be fun.  Here's the abstract:

As the world of online music grows, music recommendation systems become an increasingly important way for music listeners to discover new music. Commercial recommenders such as last.fm and Pandora have enjoyed commercial and critical success. But how well do these systems really work? How good are the recommendations? How far into the ‘long tail’ do these recommenders reach? In this tutorial we look at the current state-of-the-art in music recommendation. We examine current commercial and research systems, focusing on the advantages and the disadvantages of the various recommendation strategies. We look at some of the challenges in building music recommenders and we explore some of the ways that MIR techniques can be used to improve future recommenders.

There are some other very interesting tutorials as well. I'm particularly interested in the tutorial by Meinard Müller and Roger B. Dannenberg called "Synchronization and Matching Techniques for Music Data"


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