All Music is one of the premier providers of commercial music metadata for Music 2.0.  If you get your music from Microsoft, AOL, Amazon or Napster you probably have All Music metadata on your computer.  All Music is the granddaddy of Music 2.0 - they created their website in 1995 - when most of the current Music 2.0 developers were still in grammar school.

The AMG offices are in Ann Arbor Michigan.   This is where the websites, and are put together, as well as the info for their  data licensing business, media recognition, and  playlisting and recommendation (Tapestry). About 160 people work in this building.

The fancy front lobby:

Data entry - this is where they take all of the info from the CD booklets and enter them into their database:

This seems to be generic U.S. office park land, home of cubicles, drop ceilings, carpeting and drywall. No exposed brick, no oaken beams, little natural light. No surprise - this isn't Luxembourg or San Francisco. But AMG has made the best of it - they've filled the place with music paraphernalia - posters and  music related artwork adorn the walls.

And there is definitely no shortage of bathroom reading material.  Here's a wall of books and magazines all about movies, music and games.


The Archive - this is pretty cool - nearly half-a-million CD, along with tons of DVDs and video games - puts any other music collection to shame - somewhere in here is a DVD of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

The cubicle of  a movie editor - I don't think I've ever seen such a densely decorated cubicle.  Obviously there are no cubicle police at All Music

The AMG lunchroom (nice posters):

The conference room - Darth Vader just left the room to get a coffee.


The servers:


(looks like they could use some Sun boxes).

Thanks Zak for the photos and descriptions.


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