Another day at ISMIR - another set of interesting posters. Again, I'm highlighting posters that are relevant to our work here at Sun Labs.

Music, Movies and Meaning: Communication in Film-Makers’ Search for Pre-Existing Music, and the Implications for Music Information Retrieval

Charlie Inskip, Andy Macfarlane and Pauline Rafferty IMG_0635.JPG

Charlie brings lots of insight into the problems of finding music for film - the clash of cultures and the different (and sometimes non-overlapping) vocabularies get in the way. (Charlie is also a really interesting guy to talk to ... he really knows a lot about popular music)

Hit Song Science is Not Yet a Science

Francois Pachet and Pierre Roy

Pierre presenting his poster debunking Hit Song Science. (As Jim Waldo says ... anything with 'science' in its name probably isn't)


Hubs and Homogeneity: Improving Content-Based Music Modeling

Mark Godfrey and Parag Chordia IMG_0628.JPG

Mark and Parag were describing some their work to avoid hubs that occur with some timbre-based similarity models.

Content-Based Musical Similarity Computation Using the Hierarchical Dirichlet Process

Matthew Hoffman, David Blei and Perry Cook IMG_0630.JPG

Matthew showing his promising work that is faster and potentially and higher quality than classical approaches.

Rhyme and Style Features for Musical Genre Categorisation By Song Lyrics

Rudolf Mayer, Robert Neumayer and Andreas Rauber IMG_0632.JPG

Some interesting and fun work looking at features in lyrics that can be used for music classification.

The 2007 MIREX Audio Mood Classification Task: Lessons Learned

Xiao Hu, J. Stephen Downie, Cyril Laurier, Mert Bay and Andreas F. Ehmann IMG_0640.JPG

The MIREX team showing detailed results from the last year's Audio Mood classification task. It is really interesting to see the amount of improvement that occurred from 2006 to 2007. Apparently the same improvement occurred this year. Cyril is doing some really interesting things with mood. He showed me his mood music player that shows a real-time indicator of the mood of the currently playing song as well as a really nice music search engine being developed at BMAT that allows you to query for music based upon multiple moods and other aspects of the music.


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