The ISMIR keynote is being delivered by Jeanne Bamberger the Professor of Music emerita at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she teaches music theory and music cognition. She is also currently Visiting Professor of Education at UC-Berkeley. Her research is interdisciplinary: integrating music theory and practice, modes of representation, and recent approaches to cognitive development, she focuses on close analysis of children and adults in moments of spontaneous learning.

I think the best strategy for a keynote, is just to listen ... so I won't be taking any notes.

Update Doug Eck poked Jeanne into telling us what we in the MIR community is doing wrong. She says - what we are doing is not going to help us answer some fundamental and simple questions about music.

Jeremy asks a question about where the boundary between transcription and notation is (isn't a recording just a very fine grained notation?) This gives Jeanne a stomach-ache.

Jeanne has a number of books available at amazon.


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