The Hype Machine is the place to go to find the most fresh music.  Hype Machine crawls the many music blogs and agregates them into a single site that contains all the music that people are talking about.  In the past few years, the Hype Machine has grown in influence to become one of the top-3 destination sites for music discovery.  Let's take a look at the place where the HypeMachine was created.

Here's the grand entrance to the original Hype Machine office:


And in we go ...


Yep - that's a dorm room.

 The Hype Machine has now grown to a team of 4.  Clearly the office couldn't deal with a 4X expansion, so they've just recently moved... but no pictures of the new office digs yet.


That's a good point, I should flickr what we are upto some more. I watch you on Facebook :P

Posted by Anthony V on July 01, 2007 at 01:29 AM EDT #

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