Action in The Rainbow Room
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The rainbow room at Spotify - it's in the city, has natural light, nice whiteboards, funky curtains and a tablecloth. This has a nice European feel to the space.

Update: -  Looks like Spotify has outgrown their space. They are getting ready to move.  I hope their new quarters are as nice as the current place. It really looks like a fun place to work.

My co-worker, Jeff points out that all these guys seem to share the same haircut ... perhaps that's a prerequisite of being a developer at Spotify - and obviously that points to a next blog series Haircuts of Music 2.0.- coming to a blog near you.


We can have whatever haircut we want, but a release-moustasch is a obligatory face decoration among the male developers.

Posted by Rasmus Andersson on June 21, 2007 at 04:18 AM EDT #

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