Continuing our tour of the various Music 2.0 offices, we move on to MyStrands

MyStrands is split across a couple of continents.  The US headquarters, in Corvallis Washington Oregon are in a converted building (I think I remember one of the MyStrands crew telling me it used to be a hospital).  The digs look pretty nice - high ceilings, nice lighting.  The cubicals don't fit too well though in the classic space.  A bit of a clash ...


 Clearly much of the fun stuff is happening at the Barcelona office ... hardly any workstations, everyone has a laptop or an iMac - lots of chances for serendipitous communications, but keep the ear plugs nearby if  you are going to need to concentrate.  Watch out though, one spilled coffee could take out three macbooks.


There's a whiteboard and very minimal decor (just a single movie poster ..)

It looks like a fun, and highly productive space. Definitely no hiding here.  (Thanks Justin for the tip)


Hey Paul - a video of the Streampad offices here (about half-way through) -

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