Steve and I our giving a talk about Project Aura at JavaOne.   The talk is at 12:10 PM on Tuesday, May 6.   It is a good timeslot (not too late and on the first day), but there are lots of excellent talks that occur at the same time.  If you come to the talk, be sure to say hi. 

Here's the talk abstract: 

Project Aura is an open-source recommendation engine, written in the Java™ programming language, being developed by researchers at Sun Labs.

Recommendation technology is a key enabler for the next-generation web. Recommenders will be essential to helping us wade through the huge volume of content such as news, music, video, blogs, and podcasts. However, current recommendation technology that relies on the wisdom of crowds has several drawbacks that can ultimately lead to poor recommendations.

Project Aura takes a novel approach to recommendation, avoiding many of the problems inherent in traditional recommender systems. This session presents the technology behind Project Aura, along with an analysis of how well Project Aura performs. It shows how you can use the Project Aura API to generate high-quality recommendations in your Java technology-based applications. Finally, it shows the capabilities of Project Aura by demonstrating Aardvark, a blog recommender built with Project Aura.


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