Steve and I are taking a road trip tomorrow, driving to the great white north to attend the Montreal Music and Machine Learning Workshop 2008 being hosted at the Université de Montréal. The organizers have posted the schedule that includes eight talks and 10 posters.

I'll be giving a short talk called Stairway to Muskrat Love - If you like Led Zeppelin, you might like Captain & Tennille that describes some of the work we've done here in SunLabs (My talk title seems to be considerably less formal than the other talks on the schedule, sigh).

I'm particularly looking forward to the poster session (and not just for the wine ad cheese) - there are posters being presented by students from UdeM, Columbia, and McGill. It should be a fun day - and hopefully worth the 4AM departure time (3:30AM for Steve!) and the 10 hours of driving.


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